[None of the Above raw #2]

This tape features the raw footage for the documentary "None of the Above," an in depth look at non-voters during the 1996 election. In this video, presidential candidate Steve Forbes makes several campaign stops in Iowa. Forbes also makes a quick visit to a local McDonald's.

00:00Copy video clip URL The video begins with some footage of a piano player performing at a Steve Forbes’ campaign event. He and a friend run through a song before the event begins. Campaign staffers are seen putting the finishing touches on the setup, making sure that everything is in its proper place. Band members are seen going through a sound check. This lasts for several minutes.

03:34Copy video clip URL Forbes supporters begin to file their way into the banquet hall where the event is taking place. The band rolls through a number of up tempo numbers as those in attendance wait for Forbes to arrive.

05:20Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Forbes as he arrives at the press conference. Surrounded by a throng of reporters and cameramen, the candidate makes his way towards the stage, shaking some hands along the way. This quickly cuts into Forbes speaking about his proposal of a flat tax, which was one of his major stances as a candidate. The cameraman documents the crowd reaction to Forbes’ answers to questions pertaining to the Bosnian War, sex education, and the flat tax proposal. After his speech, Forbes billows his way through the media frenzy that surrounds him and eventually makes it to his campaign bus. Along the way, Forbes either seems to dodge or miss a question asked by the cameraman.

14:07Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Forbes walking out of his campaign bus in the parking lot of a local McDonalds. Forbes and his campaign officials eat dinner and converse with a number of patrons during their visit to the McDonalds. A slew of cameras follow him inside as he greets a number of customers who are enjoying their dinner. Forbes jokes with two patrons by asking them what they recommend to eat.

15:48Copy video clip URL With a slightly artificial smile on his face, Forbes walks up to the counter to place an order. He waits for his food as cameras document his every move. When asked what he ordered for dinner, Forbes lists off his order in a very mechanical tone of voice. “A cheeseburger–this is my hors d’oeuvre: cheeseburger, milkshake, coffee. It’s known as an energizer.” Forbes then waits for the transaction to complete before sitting down to eat his meal.

17:56Copy video clip URL Forbes and his associate sit down at a table in the middle of the restaurant. Forbes leaves for a brief moment to give a soft drink to a woman at a table directly across from him. While up, he also retrieves a few straws. As he pours cream into his coffee cup and unwraps his cheeseburger, Forbes jokes with the media to try and lighten the mood. When a media representative asks Forbes whether he ever thought he would have so many people watching him eat, he replies, “Now if I spill my coffee I can have witnesses and sue.” Before eating his dinner Forbes carefully inspects his cheeseburger and takes off all of the pickles. He and his associate make little to no conversation as camera flash after flash go off in their direction. In the background, a reporter can be heard joking with the woman who received a drink from Forbes that he bought her vote with a soft drink. After finishing his cheeseburger, Forbes sips on his vanilla shake while conversing with a mother and child. Forbes has a little fun with the child who seems to be pretty excited about all of the cameras and media attention. Forbes signs a few autographs as well. This lasts for several minutes before Forbes and his associate finish their meal.

31:07Copy video clip URL Forbes slowly makes his way out of the McDonalds, speaking with a number of patrons along the way. A group of teenagers wish him luck as he steps outside. The cameraman asks a teenage girl whether she knows when the caucuses are taking place. She giggles and replies, “No.” Forbes then escorts the young boy from earlier outside to see the campaign bus before leaving the McDonalds.

35:03Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Forbes greeting some of his die hard supporters who were gathered outside of a press conference. Forbes shakes a few hands before taking the microphone to speak to those in attendance. Forbes also takes a few questions from a few attendees.

42:25Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a group of campaign staffers prepping a banquet hall for a Forbes press conference. The sound cuts out during this part of the tape. This lasts for several minutes.

45:43Copy video clip URL Forbes arrives at the press conference and is immediately barraged by a slew of questions from the media. We watch as he addresses those in attendance. Forbes touts his flat tax proposal and emphasizes the importance of repairing social security. He closes his speech by saying, “I’m an optimist. I think we will do things more right than wrong. I’m convinced that when historians look back on this period they’ll conclude that once again, the American people will have proven wrong the critics and the skeptics, and America once more will take her place as the leader and inspiration of the world.” Forbes then answers a number of questions from the media.

52:35Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a group of first grade elementary school students walking into some type of press conference. To promote the primary election in Des Moines, Iowa, political officials have brought in Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead to act as voting mascots. It’s a fun publicity stunt that proves to be fairly amusing.

59:55Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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