[None of the Above raw #3]

This tape features raw footage for the documentary "None of the Above," an in depth look at non-voters during the 1996 election. In this video, we watch as Presidential candidates Phil Gramm and Lamar Alexander campaign throughout the state of Iowa the day before the caucuses are to take place.

00:00Copy video clip URL The video begins with footage from in and around a press conference for Republican Presidential candidate Phil Gramm. The videographer gets a few shots of the banquet hall where the conference is taking place, and also captures a sign that reads, “Mason City Welcomes Sen. Gramm.”

00:16Copy video clip URL Cut to the press conference itself. A number of people dressed at mobsters make a few introductions of those involved with the conference. This lasts for a few minutes.

02:03Copy video clip URL Senator Gramm arrives at the banquet hall. He poses for a few photos before beginning to speak with the local media. Gramm talks about his campaign, his reasons for being in Iowa the day before a Louisiana primary, and his opponents. Gramm goes on to say, “I think I’m the one candidate in this race who through their whole political career has fought for less government and more freedom, who’s been committed to the principle that the government has too much to say about how your income is spent, how your business is run, how your children are educated, and I want to be elected President and then lead a fight to take that power back from Washington and give it back to your family where it belongs.”

05:47Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Gramm receiving a nice round of applause as he makes his way towards the podium. After being introduced, Gramm addresses the audience and lays out his platform for his campaign. His speech is fairly fragmented and gets cut off throughout its duration. Gramm answers a couple of questions as well. The camera operator documents footage of the crowd’s reactions to Gramm’s speech. At one point, a man slowly begins to fall asleep.

14:10Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Gramm as he shakes a number of hands, says his goodbyes, and speaks with the media. The camera operator briefly interviews an audience member about her experience as well.

18:22Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Presidential hopeful Lamar Alexander addressing a group of Iowans. Alexander makes an interesting observation about the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primaries. “These are the two places in the American Presidential process where reality still exists. It’s still the real world. Everything else is media, and money, and politics. It’s a wild roller coaster ride mostly seen on the evening news, influenced some by paid television.” Alexander goes on to lay out his platform for the Presidency. This lasts for several minutes.

28:25Copy video clip URL Near the end of the town hall meeting, Alexander entertains the crowd with his musical styles on the piano. This cuts into footage of Alexander serving breakfast to a number of potential supporters at one of his campaign offices. Before Alexander arrives, State Chairman Brian Kennedy speaks with a reporter about the effect of television advertising on the campaign.

33:09Copy video clip URL In a tightly packed room, members of the press, campaign staff members, and Alexander himself share a few words with one another while he plates food for  those in attendance. After serving a few attendees, Alexander addresses the media. He and Kennedy stress the importance of the Iowa caucuses. Alexander also criticizes Steve Forbes for his lavish spending habits in the election and calls for a “leveling of the playing field.” This lasts for several minutes.

41:13Copy video clip URL Alexander speaks with a number of supporters and signs a few copies of his book, “We Know What To Do.”

42:26Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of Senator Phil Gramm addressing a question about what his campaign is doing to combat candidate Steve Forbes’ heavy spending. Gramm emphasizes the difference between his campaign and the Forbes campaign. “We are running radio and television, but ours is a grassroots effort. Steve Forbes’ effort is a massive media effort. He spent over four times the spending limit in Iowa. Everyone else who is raising money has one limit that we can spend. A person spending their own money can spend whatever they choose. Obviously that has a big impact, but I think having supporters has a bigger impact, and that’s why I feel good about where we are.” Gramm eventually makes his way into the banquet hall where the press conference is taking place.

47:05Copy video clip URL Gramm makes a few opening comments before answering a number of questions from the audience. The camera operator follows Gramm as he makes his way through the crowd of potential supporters and media representatives.

51:44Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Lamar Alexander at some type of press conference shaking hands with a number of individuals. Alexander also speaks with reporters about the media frenzy that surrounds the Iowa caucuses. This lasts for several minutes.

55:14Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from a farm equipment convention. This lasts for several minutes.

57:26Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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