[None of the Above raw #39]

Waitress, Pizzeria Uno. South SS Seaport, Dorm-Pace University, Jogging-Brooklyn Bridge, Giovanna #1

0:02Copy video clip URL Panning shot of an office room filled with old video decks, several shelves of video tapes and, dangling from their canvas strings, old press pass lanyards.

0:19Copy video clip URL Brief shots from the window of a moving cab of various buildings in Manhattan, at night. Blumberg interviews the driver on the merits of the new model of taxis versus ones that have been used in the past. The cab stops by the South Street Seaport, Blumberg’s destination. Brief shot of the cab’s next passengers as they attempt to put a bike in the trunk.

2:56Copy video clip URL Shots of the South Street Seaport at night, as tourists mill about. Blumberg ascends a set of stairs and enters a Pizzeria Uno. A pair of Norwegian tourists consult with a waitress about what to order, and she leads them through the menu at length. The waitress makes the rounds to other tables.

8:21Copy video clip URL Short interview with the waitress, who is new to the job. The interview is repeated in the kitchen. She brings the Norwegian tourists their orders and makes the rounds of her other tables. At her station, she’s asked how much she takes home each night, which she says varies. She closes out her checks and then repeats the actions for the camera. She is asked if she finds the work discouraging, which she sometimes does. She brings the check to the Norwegians, who pay and then leave. At her station, the waitress closes out her check, and claims she “doesn’t like what this country stands for,” citing rampant homelessness, disease, and economic ills. She talks about how much homework she has, and mentions she has had little sleep.

23:00Copy video clip URL A woman named Michelle is interviewed in Uno’s about why she doesn’t vote. She feels that voting will not help black or lower-income people. She admits the would potentially vote for Clinton, but doubts that it would make a difference.

27:20Copy video clip URL Inside the waitress’s dorm room, she’s in her bathrobe, sunlight coming through the windows. Shots of old issues of Playbill are hung on the wall. She chats with her roommate as she dresses. She leaves her room and walks into the hallway.

31:57Copy video clip URL She buys a banana at a grocery store; she eats it as she walks down a crowded hallway, saying she hadn’t eaten much the previous day. Outside of the Schimmel Center for the Arts, she does her stretches. She talks to a friend as she does so.

34:35Copy video clip URL She runs, shot across the street by Blumberg. He directs her through various crowds and sidewalks, and struggles to keep pace with her.She runs across the Brooklyn Bridge.

37:55Copy video clip URL Shots of a Pace University building against the skyline of lower Manhattan, with the World Trade Centers visible in the background.

38:31Copy video clip URL A street musician plays the panflute on a corner by a park.

40:46Copy video clip URL The waitress jogs through a crowded sidewalk. Back at the Shimmel Center, she is interviewed about how she is able to fit everything into her schedule. She talks about her running routine. After a cut, she talks to a friend on the sidewalk about her upcoming classwork.

45:34Copy video clip URL After a cut, the waitress and her boyfriend are on the street after some time has elapsed. Blumberg asks if their relationship is serious; she says it is. She tells the story of how they met. The boyfriend, who lives in Boston, is asked about his future plans. She talks about the business of her life. They go into the post office while they talk. She talks about how much she misses her boyfriend in New York. They continue their interview on the street, interrupted by sirens and other loud noises.

54:40Copy video clip URL He asks if she is registered to vote, and she says she is not. She is bothered by government inaction on homelessness. She says she often ignores the news because it’s too depressing. 

59:24Copy video clip URL The camera points down, following Blumberg’s feet as he walks down the street.

1:01:09Copy video clip URL Video ends.




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