[None of the Above raw #52]

Raw footage of Gene Tencza for "None of the Above," a documentary that highlights a number of non-voters during the 1996 presidential election and the rationale for why they don't vote. Tom Weinberg uses a secondary camera to capture the process of shooting the interview. Part 2 of 2.

00:00Copy video clip URL Weinberg and Skip Blumberg hang out in the hotel room before the shoot.

04:20Copy video clip URL Traveling with Tencza to work, they converse along the way about his personal growth and how people perceive his life; traffic; Bill Clinton’s visit to Springfield, Mass; history; and other topics.

16:00Copy video clip URL Scenes inside Tencza’s work. Tencza starts shooting with Skip, explaining the computer he uses in his design work and then gives a tour.

20:54Copy video clip URL Outside Tencza’s work, Weinberg offers some commentary on Tencza, New England, alcoholism, and America.

24:00Copy video clip URL Back inside, Skip shoots Tencza on the tour, and then the three of them talk about the interview process. They go through some photos and take some shots of the photos of Tencza’s house and family.

31:20Copy video clip URL Tencza talks about how he was assigned to jury duty, his views on it, and his experience as an alternate on a jury.

34:20Copy video clip URL Blumberg takes over the camera as they drive to the airport. He and Weinberg discuss the experience in the shop with Tencza and Blumberg tries to figure out how to use the camera.

38:46Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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