[Plenary, Jose de Molina speech]

Puerto Rican Independence Supporters Speak Out on Police Brutality

0:00Copy video clip URL A man welcomed the audience to a deportation workshop. Next, Jose De Molina speaks. He speaks about problems the Puerto Rican people of Chicago face. Specifically against the immigration department which has led many to relocate. Moreover, he says that there is more concerned with domestic issues rather than the real problems such as why people leave their countries in the first place and seek refuge.

9:52Copy video clip URL Another man speaks on behalf of the singers. Political press is a big problem but at the same time there are still millions missing. Unknown if they are alive or dead. He talks about the North American presence in every day life and his distrust for the police. 

22:06Copy video clip URL A woman speaks about Puerto Rican Independence day celebration on June 4, 1977. Police entered the park with weapons drawn and shot at the people. Specifically mentions that the Chief partook in the event as well. She also discusses the workshop that was held in lieu of the event and the outcome reported police brutality incidents in cities all over. A different woman takes the podium to give a translated summary.

30:45Copy video clip URL End of Tape.



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