[Rational Suicide]

0:05Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a panel sitting in front of an audience. A man from the American Suicide Foundation welcomes the audience and introduces the professionals on the panel concerning rational suicide. They watch a short video about rational suicide focused on a man with terminal cancer and a woman with pancreatic cancer.

15:00Copy video clip URL The video ends and the panel begins. The moderator has each of them discuss how they feel about the two case studies of rational suicide shown in the video. They each reflect on their backgrounds and professions to comment on the issues shown in the video. The first man, a Catholic priest, talks about the suppression of moral debates in the United States.

22:27Copy video clip URL The second man, a physician and psychiatrist, talks about the relationship between physical illnesses and mental illnesses. 

33:38Copy video clip URL The third man, an oncologist, speaks about misconceptions and possibilities surrounding terminal cancer, and openness in these kinds of situations. He says that the doctors in in the film failed their patients.

38:38Copy video clip URL The fourth man, a clinical ethicist and family counseling clergyman, talks about doctor patient relationships.

47:38Copy video clip URL The audience applauds the panelists. The moderator asks for questions and comments from the audience. A woman asks about the effects of rational suicide on physicians. Fuzzy audio. Two panelists respond about the function of medicine and the roles of physicians. 

54:25Copy video clip URL A woman asks about choices from the perspective of the patient. The panelists respond about the differences between psychic and physical pain. They discuss suffering.

1:08:30Copy video clip URL A man asks about what makes the decision rational. Panelists talk about controlling pain.

1:21:15Copy video clip URL A man in the audience talks about adjusting to losing his eyesight. The panelists speak about the morality of this issue. 

1:32:05Copy video clip URL An audience member asks about the national conversation on this issue.

1:35:20Copy video clip URL The moderator thanks the panelists and concludes the event. 

1:36:18Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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