Are All Secrets Worth Keeping?: Unit Five Reports

Questioning the government in Mena, Arkansas

0:00Copy video clip URL Government secrets. Carol Marin explores a story based in Mena, Arkansas.

0:56Copy video clip URL The people are asking the government questions. Illegal supply of weapons. Drug smuggling.

1:46Copy video clip URL It all started upon arrival of Barry Field. Who was thought to be working with the CIA.

4:47Copy video clip URL Field was assassinated by Colombian drug dealers in 1986. 

6:45Copy video clip URL Video and photos of a large plane at Mena airport. The plane is far to large for the size of the airport. At the same time Australians arrived to work in the airport and openly told investigators that they were working with the CIA. 

7:30Copy video clip URL U-S Customs investigating the destination of the plane which is thought to be headed towards South Africa, Angola and Central America. 

9:40Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews citizens of Mena.

13:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.







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