Slam Dunk Computer Camp

Slam Dunk Computer Camp. For a week in August 1997, 115 inner-city kids were taught by volunteer computer professionals. The camp combines basketball with computer training.

0:00Copy video clip URL Bars/tone/slate.

1:58Copy video clip URL Craig Hodges plays basketball with the kids on the side, emphasizing the fundamentals of a sound mind and body.

3:29Copy video clip URL Daily instruction in computing, virtual reality, etc.

3:48Copy video clip URL Julie Lacey, teacher, Bloom Township High School, says “this is a real treat for them.”

4:29Copy video clip URL Gray Rothkoph, CEO, Forward Communication, thinks that many of the students will be inspired to go on to careers in computers.

4:59Copy video clip URL Making line-drawings on the computer, and printing them.

5:44Copy video clip URL Hodges pumps up the class. Everything they did that day in class and on the court, they did their best.

6:19Copy video clip URL Larry Cohn, VP, The Lurie Company, says he wanted to make this video in order to convince other corporations that there’s a lot of great things that they can do for people (without losing much of anything themselves).

6:59Copy video clip URL Credits. “We Are the Champions,” by Queen.



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