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This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Bars and tone, slate, black.

1:19 Small World. Voice over talks about our changing world. Promo

2:09 Shots of people from around the world. Segment in the West Bank. Palestinians and Israelis give their own explanation as to why they truly lay claim to the area.

3:26 90s People. Harold Pinter, playwright, London, talks about overhearing people talking about using cheap labor costs in third world nations to help their businesses make a profit. He talks about our responsibility as members of first world nations to be looking out for these other nations and protecting them from those types of people.

4:45 Reporter in Nicaragua repeatedly practices his report while staff prepares him for the shoot. Then we see the final report that is supposed to appear like a spontaneous conversation the anchor in New York and the reporter in Nicaragua.

5:58 Music video from Mozambique. Hundreds of people dance outside tog ether.

6:20 Flying Morning Glory (on fire) by Skip Blumberg. At an outdoor restaurant in Phitsanulok, Thailand, a cook demonstrates how to make a stir-fried dish with morning glory leaves. “Make sure the wok is very hot,” he says and then tosses the meal in the air behind him, which is caught on a plate by the server.

7:47 Brazillian reporter talks about the village of Xingu. He shows the leader of the tribe an old picture of himself yanking the ears of a Brazillian leader to protest the leader’s treatment of his tribe. The tribe leader says he does not regret his actions. He talks about not liking the city because of the pollution and because the jungle is calm and free.

9:52 David Halberstam commentary by Tom Weinberg and Skip Blumberg. Halberstam talks about how young people today are going to compete with people from around the world for jobs that their parents were almost guaranteed. “The new definition of national security is. . . ” ˜How good is your high school graduate?” “The easy affluence has gone; other nations have caught up. . .slice of middle class is slimmer. . .Americans are now competing with people their age from Osaka, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta etc.”

10:31 Ethopia. Child sings holding machine gun. Voice over sums up Small World: Reality TV- fast paced and informative.

11:21 End of tape.



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