[Steve Dahl Elvis Show]

Steve Dahl and Gary Maier go to Graceland to visit Elvis sites.

0:10Copy video clip URL Start of program. Steve Dahl and Gary Meier start the program, “Greetings From Graceland,” August 1981. Footage of people lining up outside Graceland to pay tribute to Elvis.

2:46Copy video clip URL Dahl talks to Uncle Vester and try to convince him to let them into the house or garden to film. Vester won’t let them in! Dahl: “It was a very moving experience.” Meier: “He’s got a very long driveway.”

4:58Copy video clip URL A man who owns an “Eternal Flame” park near Graceland. He insists the flame is actually eternal, and had been walked from Tupelo, Mississippi. The park also has “the worlds largest guitar…in the ground…for Elvis.” He shows a life-size stand-up of Elvis next to the eternal flame so that people’s photos will look like they’re standing with Elvis. At his memorial. Dahl and Meier put stand-ups of themselves next to the Elvis stand-up.

12:11Copy video clip URL Shots of the memorabilia stores near Graceland. Dahl and Meier go through the ridiculous memorabilia for the cameras. Souvenirs include his last will and testament, and the Elvis babushka.

21:10Copy video clip URL Dahl and Meier visit the Elvis Museum, a converted gas station. They fool around in one of Elvis’s limousines, and meet Jimmy Velvet, proprietor of the museum. Meier tries on a hat that is supposedly from “Fun In Acapulco”– mysteriously not found in the actual movie. Dahl talks to Elvis’ bed: “Oh yeah, he’s had some good times on this bed.” Velvet also has a television that Elvis shot at one point. They also play with Elvis’s underwear. Meier describes the museum as “ten pounds of Elvis Memorabilia in a five pound museum.”

29:00Copy video clip URL Meier and Dahl talk with Uncle Vester, who published a cookbook with his wife and Elvis’s cook. Vester says, “He was crazy about vegetables, they never give him much credit for that, but he loved vegetables.”

30:35Copy video clip URL Dahl, dressed as Elvis, cooks a fake squirrel with Meier looking on. They try the squirrel recipe with Pepsi salad.

39:06Copy video clip URL Dahl and Meier walk to a house adjacent to Graceland, trying to get a shot of the graveyard.

43:25Copy video clip URL Dahl and Meier talk to people at the Graceland Diner, across from Elvis’ house. A young man with hair coiffed just like Elvis Presley, talks about being in the restaurant when Elvis came in. One woman talks about moving to Graceland just to be closer to Elvis, his friends and family. She gets tears in her eyes talking about the day Elvis died.

48:10Copy video clip URL Fans gather outside Graceland or flood inside, while an outtake of “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” with Elvis laughing plays.

51:20Copy video clip URL Commercials. The Late Movie starts – Elvis’ “King Creole”

1:02:17Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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