[Tba comedy pilot rough cut]

0:00Copy video clip URL Marty Robinson in a comedy segment with Joe Mantegna about a WTTW pledge drive while the studio is being torn down in desperate need of money.

1:49Copy video clip URL Claymation segment where announcer tries to interpret meaning of symbolic logo. The logo tries to help him figure it out in a charades-like game. Answer is title of show: “To Be Announced.”

3:15Copy video clip URL Joe Mantegna and Miriam Flynn play characters in an all-night diner (The Nighthawk Cafe) who try to serve a television camera. A couple aspiring screenwriters come into the dinner and tell Joe and Miriam about their new breakthrough idea: a British comedy.

6:15Copy video clip URL Upper Class, Lower Class. Joe Mantegna plays Alistair Crowley, host of the evening’s program and notorious English Satanist. The gag is that all actor’s are new and American (but playing the cast of a British TV series).

12:00Copy video clip URL Another character, Eddie, comes into the diner. He’s apparently some strange mix of wolf/bear/bird.

12:36Copy video clip URL Fake PSA from Electric company, who promises to rip you off. Because they can!

14:50Copy video clip URL Skit about a show called “Are You Kidding?” Various crazy people make outlandish claims that are clearly ridiculous.

15:35Copy video clip URL People in the Diner talk to two writers about potentially show ideas. They go back to the British television show.

16:00Copy video clip URL More British Television comedy.

17:55Copy video clip URL Joe and Miriam joke around in the diner about coming up with a newer pretentious-sounding menu. The two writers walk out and introduce a segment of outtakes from Soundstage.

18:50Copy video clip URL Outtake from a Kris Kristofferson episode of Soundstage (joke). Joke about Kissinger (Mantegna) on next week’s Soundstage, an d another upcoming show with Adolf Hitler.

22:15Copy video clip URL Outtake from a WTTW news show in which the producer tells the hosts that the ratings prove absolutely nobody is watching the show. The producer introduces his idea for a new show: Newsquake. On every episode, a new natural disaster! The producer has become the local news anchor. While he talks the Picasso statue comes to life. The Picasso statue ends up fighting the Calder statue. Two anchors, Ken and Barbie, deliver the sports news from bed. The weatherman does a segment on a map with extremely strange icons.

27:00Copy video clip URL Jacques Cousteau (Mantegna) recommends living in a pool.

28:17Copy video clip URL Joe and Miriam close up the Nighthawk Cafe. A band on the back of the stage begins to play while Joe and Miriam clean shop.

29:45Copy video clip URL End of tape.



  1. Nate Herman says:

    Why can’t you let the past rest in peace, you grave robbers!

  2. Wonderful and very funny!!!

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