[South Africa footage for The 90’s]

Footage from the award winning show, The 90's. Correspondent Andrew Jones investigates crime and punishment in South Africa.

00:00Copy video clip URL Two children walk along a street in South Africa.

00:07Copy video clip URL A woman talks about someone named Debbie Mayer, who was arrested for a minor theft and treated far too harshly for her crime.

01:00Copy video clip URL A man in the backseat of a car talks about police and safety in South Africa.

03:00Copy video clip URL A man exposes his cross tattoo on his chest.

03:15Copy video clip URL Children play with instruments and stuffed animals. This is intercut with shots of the previous woman talking about Debbie, and another woman talking about a twelve-year-old child being shot by police.

06:10Copy video clip URL Children run down a street, playing. A woman talks about getting along well with prisoners, and wanting to talk to them and hear their problems as a social worker. Then she mentions Debbie again and talks about her death. The editing of this tape is very circular and nonlinear.

08:55Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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