[The 90’s commercials]

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0:00 Color bars.

0:05 90’s Catalog (900 Number) #202

0:21 Woman in video store: “What is this, Rambo 12? There’s gotta be something better than this to watch!” 90’s Catalog promo comparing the 90’s to an ideal video store. “Titles Start at just $12.99.” “So even if you’ve never taken the voice of an omniscient TV narrator…” Info phone number.

2:00 Tape Finders #203

2:21 “The 90’s Emporium and General Store”. “Why not call the 90’s tapefinder service?” Woman searches through shelves at video store.

3:30 90’s Membership:60 #204

3:45 Advertisement slate.

3:57 The 90’s Intro. “Ever wonder who produces the 90’s? We’re all part of the 90s, and you can connect with folks like you by becoming a member.” Details of 90’s membership rewards. Phone number to become a member: 1-800-FILM-90S.

5:00 90’s Home Video #205

5:13 Advertisement slate.

5:34 “The 90’s Emporium and General Store.” Animated sequence of someone relaxing on beach, washed by water, turning into a skeleton, “Wagon Ho” video. “The 90’s Home Video Sampler”. “Great political satire and great moments in history.” Johnson declines second nomination. Clip from Beijing China with phone number.

6:39 Covert action #206

6:45 Advertisement slate.

7:03 “The 90’s Emporium and General Store”. Former CIA worker in studio talks about negative CIA info. He recommends the “Covert Action Information Bulletin.” Subscription number.

8:07 Center For Global Education #207

8:14 Advertisement slate.

8:35 “Challenge the boundaries of your world. “The Center for Global Education” Talks about travel seminars, phone number.

9:38 #207 Talking Head John Schwartz.

9:50 90’s progress report. John Schwartz talks about MacArthur grant and need for dollar-to-dollar match. Suggests calling hotline with suggestions. Schwartz gives “The 90’s Channel” address.

12:00 END.



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