[the 90’s raw: White House Park]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Videomaker Eddie Becker travels to White House Park to document a debate between a group of protesters and other people who were merely passing by the demonstration. One passerby and former Biddeford, Maine mayoral candidate, Rory Holland, addresses the group. (Holland was later charged with murder in the gunning down of two Biddeford residents in June of 2009.)

00:00Copy video clip URL Open on a protest at White House Park, in the evening. A group of people promoting various liberal causes debate with a group of Gulf War military supporters. The debate gets fairly heated as one of the military supporters directs a number of derogatory remarks at one of the other protesters. A few of the protesters supporting liberal causes are homeless. The pro-military person berates one of the homeless men about his plight. Another man, Rory Holland, eventually intervenes and tries to diffuse the situation. He is, however, perceived to be butting in on the conversation. After the group of pro-military people leaves, the liberals begin to debate with Holland. One man describes his non-violent hostility and states that his group is a conduit for societal frustration. Holland eventually gives an analogy about a societal yardstick and says to the other man that he does not have to measure himself against it. As the two debate various issues, many passers-by gather to listen and chime in on the conversation. A person keeps a constant drum beat flowing through the entire debate. The group debates freedom, its costs and abuses, while focusing on the Gulf War.

12:38Copy video clip URL One man begins to talk about his Iraqi relatives, claiming that his half brothers are princes of Iraq. The man then makes a few remarks about the consequences of violating the Constitution. “I believe that an official who violates the Constitution of the United States should be taken to Nuremberg and tried. I think there are people in government who do execute others. We know that they do, particularly the CIA. I think that it’s the wrong approach. I think that all necessary force should be applied to an actual enemy, both domestic and foreign, but we have the right to trial by jury, the right to face our accusers, and the right to address what we’re accused of.” The man goes on to claim he is also a direct descendant of John Adams, John Quincy Adams, James Madison, James Monroe, and nine signers of the Declaration of Independence. The man shows the camera a card that proves he is part of the Republican Presidential Task Force. He then begins to talk about a time when he tried to contact the FBI to discuss his father’s murder. He goes on to say, “I believe that much information is taken on what is considered sophisticated gossip and much confusion sometimes comes from it.” He and the group go on to talk about the roots and problem of civil authority. They also talk about how President George H.W. Bush can improve as commander-in-chief. Another man eventually states that the root of civil authority comes from God.

17:19Copy video clip URL One man talks about the solution to the problems of civil authority. The group goes on to talk about the process of properly informing the public. Holland lays out a number of hypothetical situations hoping to prove a point about countries and how they can avoid conflict. They go on to heatedly debate the nature of man and its relation to societal problems.

29:05Copy video clip URL One man states, “Punishment is a tool of remedy, one of many. Remedy is the objective of law.” The man’s statement is immediately combated by another person in a group. Becker begins to ask Holland a few questions which cannot be heard. When asked if he believes in God, Holland responds by saying, “It’s really not important whether I do or not. What’s really important I think is what I do with what I’ve got right here, right now. That’s the test.” Becker continues to gather footage of the debate.

34:14Copy video clip URL One of those involved in the debate accuses both Holland and the man he came to White House Park with of trying to proselytize to the group. Holland responds by saying that he is only there to listen. Another man then says that if Holland is only there to listen, then he shouldn’t talk as much. Becker then asks Holland about his experience and background. Holland remains determined not to talk about himself. Another man says he has been protesting in White House Park for ten years. Holland then asks the man if his community is getting any better. The man responds, “Only God knows.” The group of men then disperse after shaking hands and embracing one another.

41:04Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from a meeting of some sort. A small group of people have gathered in a large room to watch some type of documentary. There are some technical difficulties with the equipment. Becker gathers footage of the attendees and they watch the video.

48:53Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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