This is a Test, Part III

Experimental program featuring the work of independent videomakers.

0:03Copy video clip URL Space station logo for This is a Test. Voice over and text explain the program.

0:05Copy video clip URL Dee Dee Halleck plays “The Star Spangled Banner” on the violin.

1:21Copy video clip URL “The Cough” by Teddy Dibble. Color video. A comedic short in which an actor or voice-over artist coughs repeatedly while an offscreen director shouts instructions.

4:46Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Human Hair” by Nancy Cain and Bart Friedman. Cain is at an industrial site where scrap metal is being taken out of a giant pile with a giant magnet and put on a barge. She talks about capitalism and about having to give her thumbprint to cash a check.

6:53Copy video clip URL “Language is a Virus” by Davidson Gigliotti. Performed by Laurie Anderson. Comedic performance piece.

09:40Copy video clip URL “Fulton Farm.” A documentary about Jesse Howard, 80-something Missouri folk / outsider artist. He talks about hypnotism and supernatural events.

12:55Copy video clip URL Mitchell Kriegman concludes someone is hiding in his apartment. He goes through his evidence with us.

14:40Copy video clip URL Black and white television montage.

14:52Copy video clip URL Beverly Byer, 11 Alive: Instant News Pittsburgh. When the audio fails on a news clip, newscaster Byer stumbles to explain how a man was attacked by a dog.

16:07Copy video clip URL Jane Veeder. Processed video. Diary piece.

16:48Copy video clip URL “Modern Love” by Max Almy. Four TV screens appear, each with the same set of lips giving different “love” speeches: the first professes her love, the second nicely breaks up with her mate, the third wants to reconcile, and the fourth wants to be set free to find herself.

22:17Copy video clip URL 1958 Edsel commercial. “Lean, Low, and Rarin’ To Go!”

23:43Copy video clip URL Chanukah lighting. Channel 13’s Instant Eye LIVE newsman Richard Sher takes the viewers to a rabbi’s home for the first night of the Chanukah candle-lighting ceremony and finds a naughty rabbi’s son who leaves the anchormen in hysterics.

26:13Copy video clip URL “Television Delivers People” by Richard Serra & Carlota Fay Schoolman. Text scrolls onscreen while benign-sounding Muzak plays in the background. In simple sentences, the text informs us about the true role of television: “Television delivers people to an advertiser.”  “Mass media delivers masses of people, at least twenty million per minute.” “The television watcher is a product, which is consumed by advertisers.”

26:46Copy video clip URL Mitchell Kriegman ruminates while travelling on the Staten Island Ferry.

27:13Copy video clip URL “Get Ready to March” by Chip Lord, 1981. Footage of President Reagan watching a parade set to amateurish parade music. A title card informs us that Reagan cut NEA funding while raising funding for military bands.

28:33Copy video clip URL Mitchell Kriegman passes the Statue of Liberty and sings “This Land is Your Land.”

30:37Copy video clip URL Closing credits. Statue of Liberty at sunset.

33:37Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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