This is a Test, Part III

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Experimental program featuring the work of independent videomakers.

0:00 This is a Test part three.

0:33 Space station logo for This is a Test. Voice over and text explain the program.

0:35 Dee Dee Halleck plays “The Star Spangled Banner” on the violin.

1:51 “The Cough” by Teddy Dibble. Color video. A comedic short in which an actor or voice-over artist coughs repeatedly while an offscreen director shouts instructions.

5:16 Excerpt from “Human Hair” by Nancy Cain and Bart Friedman. Cain is at an industrial site where scrap metal is being taken out of a giant pile with a giant magnet and put on a barge. She talks about capitalism and about having to give her thumbprint to cash a check.

7:23 “Language is a Virus” by Davidson Gigliotti. Performed by Laurie Anderson. Comedic performance piece.

10:10 “Fulton Farm.” A documentary about Jesse Howard, 80-something Missouri folk / outsider artist. He talks about hypnotism and supernatural events.

13:25 Mitchell Kriegman concludes someone is hiding in his apartment. He goes through his evidence with us.

15:10 Black and white television montage.

15:22 Beverly Byer, 11 Alive: Instant News Pittsburgh. When the audio fails on a news clip, newscaster Byer stumbles to explain how a man was attacked by a dog.

16:36 Jane Veeder. Processed video. Diary piece.

17:17 “Modern Love” by Max Almy. Four TV screens appear, each with the same set of lips giving different “love” speeches: the first professes her love, the second nicely breaks up with her mate, the third wants to reconcile, and the fourth wants to be set free to find herself.

22:46 1958 Edsel commercial. “Lean, Low, and Rarin’ To Go!”

24:12 Chanukah lighting. Channel 13’s Instant Eye LIVE newsman Richard Sher takes the viewers to a rabbi’s home for the first night of the Chanukah candle-lighting ceremony and finds a naughty rabbi’s son who leaves the anchormen in hysterics.

26:42 “Television Delivers People” by Richard Serra & Carlota Fay Schoolman. Text scrolls onscreen while benign-sounding Muzak plays in the background. In simple sentences, the text informs us about the true role of television: “Television delivers people to an advertiser.”  “Mass media delivers masses of people, at least twenty million per minute.” “The television watcher is a product, which is consumed by advertisers.”

27:14 Mitchell Kriegman ruminates while travelling on the Staten Island Ferry.

27:42 “Get Ready to March” by Chip Lord, 1981. Footage of President Reagan watching a parade set to amateurish parade music. A title card informs us that Reagan cut NEA funding while raising funding for military bands.

19:00 Mitchell Kriegman passes the Statue of Liberty and sings “This Land is Your Land.”

31:05 Closing credits. Statue of Liberty at sunset.



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