This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 12: Feet

AIR DATES: May 14, 21, 1990


A woman, played by Kate Olsen, recounts an unpleasant incident with a rude convenience store clerk.  Her double, also Kate, appears on a TV monitor beside her.  The double interrupts Kate to correct her on her version of events.  The two argue, and the double produces yet another Kate who has her own story to tell.

Once Kate gets sick of arguing with her doubles, the show is handed over to newcomer Michelle Heuer, a young British immigrant who recounts her colorful past as a teenage punk in London, running from parents, policemen, pimps, an enraged husband, and others.

Her story, which takes up most of the half-hour, is occasionally interrupted by minute-long surreal film bits, conveniently labelled as “Distractions.”

Production Notes:

Although this episode relies on a lengthy monologue, Michelle was so engaging a personality that no one minded.  She would appear in many future shows.

Mark Audrain, who helped conceive Kate’s piece and was slated to perform it and several others, suffered injuries in a car accident and was unavailable for shooting.

Left to themselves, Joe and Paul spent a day filming close-ups of parts of the body (hence the episode title.)  Paul earned some yuks for standing on his head and talking in a funny voice while the camera trains on a close-up of his bearded chin.

Kate then saved the day, recommending her friend Michelle as an interview subject, briefing Joe on her fascinating life story.  Joe simply sat Michelle down and asked a single question, “have you ever been in trouble with the law?” Twenty minutes later, the rest of the show was done, and it was time to return the camera equipment.



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