This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 32: Spot The Liar

Air Dates: May 3, 10, 1991


King Zeke writes in with warm Christmas wishes, enclosing a photo of a nude female model dressed in Santa Claus red.  Zeke’s brother, Hal the Looper, also writes, protesting “FUCKIN YUPPIE MOBILE HE THINKS HIS SHIT SMELLS LIKE LOVE POTION #9!”

In search of further inspiration, the crew instigates another viewer call-in show.  Jengis (of “Cigarette Man” fame) is back in town, and he and Bob and Dan, regular crew members on the series, all hit a party and return to a closet in the basement to tell their version of events to an unmanned video camera. Viewers are asked to call in and “spot the liar” – which of these guys is not being honest?

Production Notes:

This setup mimics the form of the multiple-versions-of-one-story in “Joe Eats Real Dog Food” but offers only the mildly amusing spectacle of three drunk guys trying to remember what they did for the last few hours.  A later show, Episode 49: The Whole Story, would make much, much better use of this format.

Reviewed in the Chicago Tribune.



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