This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 34: Basement Starter Kit

Air Dates: July 15, 22, 1991


Designed to be a showcase, this episode revisits and expands upon the “greatest hits” format of Episode 19: Democratic Television. The Mole, Paul’s Butt, the Science Lecture on the brain, Inner Conflict, the Cigarette Man and others are all featured, sometimes in excerpt.

Although this episode is an excellent collection of Joe’s Basement skits, its fragmentary nature and somewhat perfunctory hosting makes it seem less like a well-rounded episode than it might be.

The crew would perfect the “greatest hits” format for the very satisfying special performance, Joe’s Basement LIVE! at the University of Chicago in February of 1993.

Production Notes:

Joe was trying to interest TV producers in Joe’s Basement, and designed this episode to help them understand it.



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