This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 37: Game Theory

Air Dates: August 26, September 2, 1991


The Mole and the Construction Worker get together for a series of games – “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” “Guess What Animal I Am” and “Hide and Seek.”  Frustratingly for the Mole, the Construction Worker always fights him to a draw by simply doing nothing at all.

Meanwhile, two macho male TV sets lock horns for a round of poker.  Unable to pick up cards or place bets (since they lack hands), they become lost in a rhyming verse reverie of imagined female conquests.

An itinerant preacher fails to engage a college rabble in a game of “Follow the Leader,” as his sermons are met with riotous laughter.  Finally, a bizarre eye creature stares, blinks and drools its way through a discussion of cognitive psychology.

Production Notes:

After this run of several disappointing episodes, the producers took another break for reruns.  Introduced as “Vintage Joe’s Basement,” each repeat episode offered the spectacle of Joe drinking most of a bottle of cheap wine, best seen in Episode 29a: Shooting Things.



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