This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 54: The Dregs of the Bottle

AIR DATES: December 28,1992, January 4 1993


Joe opens the show dressed in a toga, at the behest of a young female viewer.

One caller from the previous episode, “Sandwich” Dan, offered to jump into a commercial dryer at a laundromat for our amusement.  Joe, Bob and Dan drive across town and find Sandwich, who cheerfully complies.  Joe’s Basement’s most daring stunt leaves the crew laughing so hard they can barely stand.

The basement band returns with a musical number “Damascus/Video” which bridges a stream-of-consciousness assortment of bits of ideas which never made it into previous episodes.

Paul wraps himself in plastic and hops around a sculpture garden, Cosmo Campoli offers his peerless beat poetry, and a man named Titus Collymore presents a complete Model of Our Universe.

Production Notes:

“Sandwich” Dan would return for Episode 57: “Dick Dastardly.”



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