This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 57: Dick Dastardly

AIR DATES: February 8, 15, 1992


Michelle takes the chair to give detailed driving directions to the second Joe’s Basement live event – a performance at the University of Chicago, featuring greatest hits from the series and musical accompaniment from the Joe’s Basement band.

The body of the show is essentially a round table discussion at a local restaurant.  The topic: “How can we make the world a better place?”

Some familiar personalities gather to debate this weighty topic – the Philosophical Mailman from “UFOs,” Laundromat Jockey “Sandwich” Dan, and an amusing caller from “Super Big Surf.”  They share pizza and burgers with the Joe’s Basement crew.

The band occasionally interrupts, with a surf tune in honor of the title character from Hanna-Barbara cartoons.

Production Notes:

This episode wasn’t terrible – it was mediocre, yet watchable, like conventional formula television.  The series first venture into formula frightened Joe into declaring the series dead – it was just a matter of shoveling on the dirt.



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