The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder 7/14/97

Guests: Laurie Levenson, Malcolm McDowell, Carol Marin

0:32Copy video clip URL The Late Late Show with Ron Snyder. He introduces two reporters, Carol Marin with a story on theatre and another reporter with a story on OJ Simpson’s home for sale.

3:02Copy video clip URL The Late Late Show segment ends and the video goes black.

6:15Copy video clip URL The video returns on the segment. Carol Marin has strong opinions on Jerry Springer being added for commentary. She resigns and moves to CBS. Ron Snyder interviews Carol Marin live.

8:00Copy video clip URL Discuss details of Marin’s work.

16:16Copy video clip URL Malcolm McDowell interviewed.

47:51Copy video clip URL Laurie Levenson interviewed about OJ Simpson.

59:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.




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