Trilogy Part II – Interlude & Mary

Two short experimental video poems. Trilogy Part II - Interlude is an impressionistic portrait of a young couple that incorporates animation. Mary is a surreal short narrative that follows a woman's descent into madness in her apartment.

00:37Copy video clip URL Footage of landscapes and movement, largely taken through windows. 

01:56Copy video clip URL The cameraperson filming nude in the mirror, panning across the room to their naked partner in bed. The couple in various states of undress. Images of the beach, shot with a fisheye lens. The couple, nude in nature, in their home. 

08:57Copy video clip URL The couple in the woods, dissolving into sand-based animated figures as they make love. Animation of a baby followed by live action footage of a baby and father. 

10:19Copy video clip URL End credits: Wendy Appel & Paul Goldsmith. 

10:35Copy video clip URL End of tape. 

13:56Copy video clip URL Mary. A surreal video about a woman descending into madness inside her apartment. 

23:21Copy video clip URL End credits: “Autobycracky Video Comix was brought to you by Wendy Appel. Barbara Fox as Mary. Merry Heim as Closet Lady. Jon Oppenheim as Father. Micheal Sullivan as Dragon. Peter Bramley as Wolf. Edited at Egg Store by Wendy Appel & Mark Brownstone. 



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