[Tsongas, Bush, Daley, Buchanan]

00:00Copy video clip URL Niki Tsongas fights her way through a crowd of reporters and supporters to hand out Bush sandwiches (“the baloney’s inside!”).

05:25Copy video clip URL Cut to a TV production room at ABC News Chicago, where footage of an election-night speech by George H.W. Bush is playing. Production assistants work to correct the tape for broadcast as Bush implores Chicagoans to reelect him.

19:54Copy video clip URL Richard M. Daley reports to his local polling place to cast his vote.

27:59Copy video clip URL Stamets interviews Mayor Daley. Daley explains that he votes in a split precinct, which means that there are a limited number of machines for twice as many voters. A female reporter then asks what he believes the most pressing issue for voters in 1992 will be. “[It’ll be] whether or not they’re gonna have a job tomorrow, next week, next year. That’s the most pressing problem in America.”

30:30Copy video clip URL “The press, to me, are a group of entertainers,” Daley says. “Someone comes along with substance, they’ll say, ‘They don’t have charisma’, ‘they don’t look right’. Someone comes along with substance, and you’ll constantly criticize them–that’s what the American press does.”

32:54Copy video clip URL Cut to the Chicago campaign offices for the Pat Buchanan presidential campaign. Ben Robinson, a staffer, calls supporters to remind them that the polls are open until 7 PM, and that there will be a campaign party downtown.

40:38Copy video clip URL “At the South Side Irish Parade, Clinton was getting booed,” Robinson tells a Buchanan supporter over the phone.



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