Two On Two: Cable TV, Puerto Rico

Footage taped off TV of the program "Two on Two," featuring reports on cable tv and on Puerto Rico. Followed by other off air footage related to the Chicago blizzard of 1979.

0:00Copy video clip URL The news program “Two on Two” taped off TV. The first segment is on the new phenomenon of cable TV.

8:43Copy video clip URL The next segment is on Puerto Rico. The report begins with a history of the country, then focuses on whether or not Puerto Rico should become a U.S. state. Puerto Rican governor Romero speaks about why he is pro-statehood.

12:55Copy video clip URL FALN member Horacio Morales explains why they reject statehood and demand independence.

14:45Copy video clip URL TV hosts debate the issue.

15:15Copy video clip URL Two on Two ends. It appears that this was taped over something else, because we start in the middle of what seems to be a raw tape. A woman interviews residents of a working class Chicago neighborhood after a massive blizzard, most likely the blizzard of 1979. She explains that they are making a documentary about one street in Chicago. I was not able to discern the street, but the block they were on had a 1400 address and the residents were all white.

22:00Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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