[Shirley Clarke/Tee Pee Videospace Troupe: Hampshire College Video Workshop]

Footage of a video exhibition and screening at Hampshire College, featuring work by Shirley Clarke, Wendy Clarke, David Cort, and other members of Clarke's Tee Pee Videospace Troupe.

00:07Copy video clip URL Shirley Clarke stands around chatting with her collaborators. She asks “What time is it?” 

00:39Copy video clip URL Close up on a video installation with a kaleidoscopic lens. 

00:55Copy video clip URL An installation in which a video of a dog and a barking toy dog plays on a monitor inside a sculpture of a dog, with the barking toy on the ground underneath it. 

01:36Copy video clip URL A three-channel video installation. 

01:44Copy video clip URL A video installation in which two spherical monitors hang from ropes. 

01:56Copy video clip URL Attendees in the galleries looking at the exhibition. 

07:35Copy video clip URL Documentary filmmaker Richard Leacock discusses the silent era Soviet film Turksib. 

08:34Copy video clip URL Goofing around with someone in the gallery. “I’m trying to get a good close-up of ya.” 

08:53Copy video clip URL Various installations, including a multichannel installation with images of a waterfall and the dog video installation. 

11:12Copy video clip URL Clarke addresses the audience, discussing the installations and introducing the “theatrical” portion of the event, including a screening and “video games” that they will play, including a “video swing” and a “video phone.” Wendy Clarke helps set up the screening. 

13:09Copy video clip URL A performance in which monitors are moved around in a darkened room while people sing and speak along to the movement. 

20:06Copy video clip URL Shirley Clarke speaks to the audience. 

21:30Copy video clip URL Set-up of a multi-channel work in which each monitor is showing the lie feed of a different member of the Tee Pee Videospace Troupe. 

22:25Copy video clip URL A comic performance by a “phony no baloney magici-oney” in which he and the images on monitors interact. He uses a magnet to distort the images.

27:59Copy video clip URL Members of the Troupe, including Shirley Clarke, Wendy Clarke, and member of the Videofreex David Cort, address the audience through the monitor onstage. 

32:20Copy video clip URL Cort introduces a screening of video experiments. The tape cuts off before he finishes. 



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