Video Carta a Bread and Roses High School, Nueva York

This piece by Television Serrana of Cuba is a video letter to the high school students of Bread and Roses High School in New York. It chronicles a group of professional documentary filmmakers in Cuba who came from poor farming communities in the mountains. These filmmakers had the opportunity to study their profession as a result of a program in Cuba called "Centro de Estudios para la Comunicacion Comunitaria." This team has returned to the mountain villages to share some of their experiences with young people and to seek out talent for the next generation of filmmakers in Cuba. This piece is in Spanish with no subtitles.

00:00Copy video clip URL Countdown and opening credits.

00:20Copy video clip URL Regla Maria says that she likes working with young people who have crazy dreams like they did when they were that age.

01:00Copy video clip URL Luis Guevara says that for him, in the world which he lives, this has been an exceptional experience.

01:18Copy video clip URL Jose Luis says that he never could have dreamed of this possibility when he was studying. He thanks Television Serrana for the experience, calling it a beautiful creation in the middle of the mountains.

01:57Copy video clip URL Scenes of the crew at work.

02:35Copy video clip URL Rosi sits by a waterfall saying that this was an excellent idea, to use their professional skills to teach the young people the technical aspects of filming, from sound, to lighting, to camera. She says that every part of it is marvelous.

03:38Copy video clip URL Carlos calls this a great opportunity to for the young people who live in the mountains. He says that it’s really important to him to do this work, to teach these courses, and that it may be crazy, but that the goal is to make it a reality.

04:50Copy video clip URL Rosi continues by saying that for her, she felt tense when she first started studying, and that she was afraid of breaking the camera. She notes how incredible it is to see where she is now.

05:20Copy video clip URL Instrumental music over images of the crew at work in the community.

05:55Copy video clip URL Francisco says that they are looking for a filming team in the mountain farming communities for the program. They show them that they have produced three documentaries as a team for “El Centro de Estudios para la Comunicacion Comunitaria.”

06:35Copy video clip URL Short clip from “La Chivichana” and “Bimbo y Maria” as they reflect more on the experience, how this project through the school is a good to way to help the young people, who have lots of dreams, to see what their work is like in filming documentaries, to meet each other and have an exchange, and to share a bit together.

08:43Copy video clip URL More images of the work in the mountains.

10:05Copy video clip URL Closing credits.

10:38Copy video clip URL End of program.



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