[Video training tape]

0:00Copy video clip URL Danny Schechter of Global Vision introduces The Body Shop Television. He introduces the importance of learning to shoot with home video cameras. He goes over the main topics: 1. Camera techniques. 2. Producing tips. 3. some do’s and don’t’s. 4. Video hits and misses. 5. Potential stories.

2:35Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg talks about using home video equipment to shoot tv.

3:00Copy video clip URL A beginner to video introduces herself.

3:25Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg talks about the importance of getting used to your camera and staying in shape. He says “your hand becomes your eye, and your hand becomes your ear.”

4:00Copy video clip URL Schechter talks about the basics of working a video camera with the beginning video maker. He goes through the step-wise process of working with a camera.

5:10Copy video clip URL Skip talks about recording audio with an external microphone. He talks about k eeping an earpiece and monitoring sound.

7:50Copy video clip URL Skip talks about the importance of learning pacing while shooting and editing. Schechter talks about the in-camera edit and in-camera composition. They go through an example of approaching people. Skip talks about being non-chalant with the camera as much as possible to put people at ease.

10:30Copy video clip URL Schechter goes through the basic “don’t’s.”

11:18Copy video clip URL Schechter goes through the “do’s” of videomaking, which mainly involves maintaining a story.

12:32Copy video clip URL Schechter gives ideas for stories.

13:38Copy video clip URL Tape wrap-up.

14:15  End of tape.



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