[Video training tape]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Danny Schechter of Global Vision introduces The Body Shop Television. He introduces the importance of learning to shoot with home video cameras. He goes over the main topics: 1. Camera techniques. 2. Producing tips. 3. some do’s and don’t’s. 4. Video hits and misses. 5. Potential stories.

2:30 Skip Blumberg talks about using home video equipment to shoot tv.

3:00 A beginner to video introduces herself.

3:15 Skip Blumberg talks about the importance of getting used to your camera and staying in shape. He says “your hand becomes your eye, and your hand becomes your ear.”

4:00 Schechter talks about the basics of working a video camera with the beginning video maker. He goes through the step-wise process of working with a camera.

5:10 Skip talks about recording audio with an external microphone. He talks about k eeping an earpiece and monitoring sound.

7:50 Skip talks about the importance of learning pacing while shooting and editing. Schechter talks about the in-camera edit and in-camera composition. They go through an example of approaching people. Skip talks about being non-chalant with the camera as much as possible to put people at ease.

10:30 Schechter goes through the basic “don’t’s.”

11:18 Schechter goes through the “do’s” of videomaking, which mainly involves maintaining a story.

12:30 Schechter gives ideas for stories.

13:40 Tape wrap-up.

14:20 End of tape.



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