Wired in Video Demo

This tape features raw footage from the television show "Wired In" as it was re-launched as a multimedia program in 1995. While the program never actually came to fruition, it was designed to combine conventional media in television with the emerging use of the internet in highlighting new advances for consumers in technology.

00:00Copy video clip URL “Wired In” title

00:23Copy video clip URL “USB Program Advisory: Wired In Video Demo”

1:00Copy video clip URL Wired In Opening, starting with Bill Murray intro, “Look Out! Here comes Wired In!  I’m outta here.”

1:20Copy video clip URL Lily Tomlin appears in front of a Pac-Man arcade game.  She calls herself a “Pac-Man Freak” and jokingly tells of how she became an addict and woke up one morning on the floor of an arcade.

2:05Copy video clip URL Excerpt #1: “Video Games” features footage of kids at an arcade and commentary by Silver Sue, a video arcade owner and Jamie (Jay) Fenton, video game designer, as well as a mother playing home video games with her husband and son.

03:52Copy video clip URL Tomlin comes back in, saying, “Remember, it all starts with a harmless quarter, but it can all turn to tragedy (snap) just like that….Can I play now?”

04:15Copy video clip URL Vintage commercials: Pepsodent, Bufferin, and RCA Victor Portable Radio

05:38Copy video clip URL Excerpt #2: “Whiz Kids”  features interviews with kids talking about computers. Joel Heller, a very articulate and computer savvy 14 year old demonstrates the use “Mag Fan” which is precursor to email.  Mrs. Heller calls it a “wonderful way” to connect.  Joel comments on how it sometimes feels like he’s not even talking to another person when he’s on the computer.

09:00Copy video clip URL Bill Murray stands by the river and criticizes technology in a short but humorous bit.

09:30Copy video clip URL “The Produce Market” at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Tour of technology conference, featuring short segments with vendors of various areas of technology.

10:40Copy video clip URL Excerpt #3: “Club Med: The Antidote to Civilization”  This segment takes place in Eleuthera Bahamas and features interviews with vacationers and workers at Club Med. The segment continues with discussion of the addition of computers in Club Med.

14:00Copy video clip URL Excerpt #4: “Movie Magic”  features discussion with special effects artists Richard Taylor of Magi, Inc and Chuck Comisky from Private Stock who work with technology to produce special effects in films.

16:07Copy video clip URL Wired In signs out with Bill Murray outtake.

16:53Copy video clip URL End of Tape



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