[Carol Marin – WSM-TV Evening News (5PM?), March 31st, 1978]

Off air news report from the WSM-TV (Nashville) evening news on March 31st, 1978, featuring Carol Marin.

00:07Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Carol Marin and Dan Miller for the WSM-TV evening news. Ryan Moore reports on a kidnapping accident that resulted in two men being shot. Poor video quality briefly. Cut back to Marin talking about prison conditions. Marin reports on a court order to reduce overcrowding and visits the prison campus. Marin speaks with the commissioner of corrections about future changes in the prison and the lawsuit. Miller briefly reports on a corrections officer under suspension for excessive violence at a different prison.

10:24Copy video clip URL Commercial break. Report on a derailed propane tank explosion and rail safety. Miller reports on an airplane crash. Report on the governor and controversial obscenity regulation. Barbara Fields reports on a dance marathon for muscular dystrophy. 

17:29Copy video clip URL Commercial break. Weather report.

23:07Copy video clip URL Commercial break. Report on popular books in Nashville. Miller talks about golfing. Sports report.

31:52Copy video clip URL Commercial break. Marin reports on some foreign affairs. Fields reports on the dance marathon. Marin reports on direct mail advertising, and a man who wants to end junk mail.

37:56Copy video clip URL Commercial break. Report on a condemned hotel that is the future site of a parking garage. Report on hotel residents who have not vacated. Alan Griggs reports on housing in Nashville.

43:48Copy video clip URL Commercial break. Interview with the star of Richie Brockelman: Private Eye, Dennis Dugan. Miller describes some current events quickly.

49:47Copy video clip URL Commercial break. National news. Report on a coal mine worker strike in Indiana.

55:15Copy video clip URL Commercial break. Recap on the reports made through the hour. Report on a ritual for dolls in Japan. Weather report.

59:35Copy video clip URL Commercial break. Credits.

1:00:00Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

1:00:46Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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