Blues And More

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Blues man Pervis Spann hosts his absurdist comedy show, which also features music videos from blues and R&B artists.

0:00 Bars and tone, black. (Initially no tone.)

1:23 Showcase Chicago id. Blues and More opening.

2:06 Pervis Spann opens the show, introduces Carl Wright, the guest. They joke about some of Wright’s women friends and a man whose sex change operation he financed.

5:09 Music video for song by The Pointer Sisters called “After You”, with archival footage from old movies with Black actors in romantic roles.

9:06 Spann and Wright return to their discussion about women. Wright insists he only likes women who weigh 400 pounds and over. They then talk about how Big Money Willie May and Othella (Wright ‘ s 700 pound girlfriend) are in town and about how Othella cannot fit on any form of transportation.

13:36 Ad for Sportsman’s Inn at 4501 S. Cicero.

14:06 Ad for Nancy’s Space Age Pizza at 8131 S. Ashland.

14:36 Ad for Jimmy Morgan Insurance Agency at 538 E. 61st Street.

15:06 Ad for Classic Tour busses.

15:39 Ad for Bruce Radzin and Associates, lawyers.

16:08 Spann and Wright come back and continue talking about Othella’s problem getting transportation from O’Hare.

17:02 Music video for song by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble called “Little Wings” . Mostly shots of famous record studios, guitar shops, and guitar players.

23:51 Spann and Wright continue to arrange plans for transporting Othella. Wright talks to someone on the phone.

27:16 Ad for Bo Diddley’s Bar-BQ at 530 E. 61st Street.

27:46 Ad for Jimmie’s Record Store at 1615 W. 87th Street.

28:16 Ad for The Ritz Hotel #1 at 409 E. Oakwood Blvd.

28:45 Ad for Big “O” Movers and Storage.

29:21 Ad for Adele, a psychic.

29:46 Willie May shows up at the studio. (Formerly named Big Money Willie). He is a man wearing a wig and makeup. This is the person whose sex change was financed by Wright, for $499.99.

34:03 Music video for song by Johnny Gill called “Fair Weather Friends”.

38:27 Spann and Wright return.

39:03 Ad for The Ritz Hotel at 312 N Central – only $17 per room.

39:32 Ad for Hopkins Foods at 7535 S. State Street.

40:01 Ad for Backstreet Blues Cafè at 1172 N. Milwaukee.

40:31 Ad for Sister Odessa, psychic.

40:59 Melody Spann, program director for WVON 1450 AM, talks about programming.

41:35 Ad for Star Planet Television, full service production facility, 1140 W. 103rd Street.

42:32 Ad for International Security Traning Center.

43:02 Spann and Wright continue to discuss the problem of the woman stuck at the airport. Willie May continues to hit on Wright and be jealous of Othella.

46:00 Music video for a song by The King All Stars called “It’s a Man’s World”. Band performs in recording studio.

50:52 Spann talks about the video. Wright continues to talk on the phone. Willie May and Spann continue to talk about the price of the sex change operation.

53:46 Ad for Sportsman’s Inn at 4501 S. Cicero.

54:14 Ad for Nancy’s Space Age Pizza at 8131 S. Ashland.

54:44 Ad for Blues Battle of the Year between Johnny Taylor and Bobby Bland at the Sabre Room 8900 W 95th. Sponsored by WVON.

56:18 Ad for Fultonia Health Center at 1953 W. 63rd Street.

57:14 Spann discusses Wright’s problems with Willie May and Othella. Willie May continues to hit on Wright.

1:00:31 Credits. They continue to talk after the credits.

1:02:26 End of tape.



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