Watch PBS coverage of our collaboration with Appalshop!

On July 31, Kentucky Educational Television aired a fantastic segment on their program, Kentucky Edition, that highlights our ongoing partnership with Appalshop. Together, we worked to digitize and make available historic videos created by independent Appalachian media makers in the 1970s.

In the segment, Media Burn executive director Sara Chapman states, “We’ve been working for about 20 years to preserve exactly this type of material: community-based work that was rarely seen like outside of local contexts at the time that it was created. This has really created a big gap in our collective understanding of American history–that there are all these voices whose work was only seen locally and never made it into the bigger picture. Moving images give us this incredible insight into the way people live, the way they talk, and what’s important to them.”

Watch the video and be one of the first in decades to see footage from some of our favorite tapes!

These tapes were digitized and made available through funding provided by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR). They are available here for free public viewing. 



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