What’s Uptown: a View from the Street

The Uptown community of Chicago has long been one of its most diverse. It has been populated by Appalachian migrants, Native Americans, Asian immigrants, African-Americans, and members of the LGBT community. For decades, it has been a hotbed for community organizers.

What’s Uptown? was produced in the mid-1970s by Marcie Telander and Terry Moyemont in the emerging style of portable video journalism.

This 28-minute video was shown on the independent film and video showcase Image Union. We are proud to have saved and made available most of the first ten years of Image Union (1978-1988), but didn’t have this particular episode. Thanks to Marcie and Terry, we now have this wonderful piece in our archive.


Below is a five minute version of What’s Uptown?

Or, watch the full version of What’s Uptown? at Media Burn.

What’s Uptown in Austin and Pittsburgh!

Next week, Sara Chapman will screen the five-minute cut of What’s Uptown at the annual Association of Moving Image Archivists conference in Pittsburgh as part of Archival Screening night. The event is dedicated to screening the most relevant film and video discoveries from the past year from archives around the world.

Back in September, Dan Erdman screened the full version of What’s Uptown? along with a 90 minute “best of Media Burn” at the venerable Austin Film Society, founded in 1985 by Richard Linklater. Read more about the event here:http://do512.com/events/2016/9/19/history-of-television-best-of-the-media-burn-archive



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