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  • Bill Veeck’s Exploding Scoreboard

    Bill Veeck’s Exploding Scoreboard

    A Media Burn video is featured in “The Day in Baseball History,” an NBC Sports site. In this piece, Bill Veeck – creator of the iconic Wrigley Field manual scoreboard – recounts his unveiling of the world’s first EXPLODING SCOREBOARD at Comiskey Park, home of the White Sox, 60 years ago today. This footage comes from a 1984 episode of Time Out, the Emmy-winning Chicago sports commentary and documentary program. Produced by Tom Weinberg with Joel Cohen and Jamie Ceaser, it … Continue reading

  • Stuart Gordon 1947-2020

    Stuart Gordon 1947-2020

    Stuart Gordon has died. In most of the obituaries you will read today, he will be largely (and justifiably) remembered for his film work. He came out of the gate with a classic in Re-Animator (1985), which was the first of many features he made for Charles Band’s Empire Pictures (rebranded as Full Moon Entertainment). If none of the follow-ups can quite claim to have caught the debut’s lightning in a bottle, each nevertheless brought to the screen a combination … Continue reading

  • “Radicalized By A Video Archive” By Andrew Seeder

    “Radicalized By A Video Archive” By Andrew Seeder

    I was radicalized by watching hundreds of hours of camera original video tape at the Media Burn Independent Video Archive. Like any true convert, I believe that watching Media Burn’s tapes changed my life and think that watching their tapes can change your life, too. When I first came to Media Burn, I thought that being well-informed meant reading as many high quality news outlets as I could. Yet as I watched more unedited documentary video, I realized that, informative … Continue reading

  • Chicago’s LGBTQ+ community fights Nazis

    Chicago’s LGBTQ+ community fights Nazis

    In honor of the 48th annual Chicago Gay Pride Parade, which will take place this Sunday in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, we’re looking back at the parade’s early history. Close to 100,000 Chicagoans saw “Pink Triangles Rising” in 1986 on Image Union on Channel 11. It was one of the most controversial shows of the year. Thanks to Dan Dinello for writing this introduction and providing the film! Pink Triangles Rising By Dan Dinello and Tom Corboy, 1982 In 1982, as … Continue reading

  • A haunting meditation on government

    A haunting meditation on government

    In September 2017, Media Burn founder Tom Weinberg and executive director Sara Chapman interviewed the creators of the short film, Open Hearing (2015). Brian Ashby is a filmmaker and co-founder of Scrappers Film Group. John Corbett is a writer and co-owner of Corbett vs. Dempsey Gallery. Terri Kapsalis is a writer, performer, and cultural critic who teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The film, as well as all the camera original footage of City Hall shot … Continue reading

  • What’s Uptown: a View from the Street

    What’s Uptown: a View from the Street

    The Uptown community of Chicago has long been one of its most diverse. It has been populated by Appalachian migrants, Native Americans, Asian immigrants, African-Americans, and members of the LGBT community. For decades, it has been a hotbed for community organizers. What’s Uptown? was produced in the mid-1970s by Marcie Telander and Terry Moyemont in the emerging style of portable video journalism. This 28-minute video was shown on the independent film and video showcase Image Union. We are proud to … Continue reading

  • An independent perspective on Trump’s “postponed” rally in Chicago

    An independent perspective on Trump’s “postponed” rally in Chicago

    The New York Republican and Democratic primaries are tomorrow (April 19). No doubt, Donald J. Trump has been the most surprising and controversial candidate in 2016. Trump, a television star, and his relationship to media are historically significant, regardless of how one feels about him or his candidacy. He has more Republican delegates, has spent more of his own money, and had far more media coverage than any other presidential candidate. Trump’s Chicago rally in early March brought out hundreds of … Continue reading

  • Hate Mail: Lost documentary saved

    Hate Mail: Lost documentary saved

    Earlier this month, we got a nod from the Dallas Morning News for our recent digitization and ongoing preservation of “Hate Mail,” a 1992 documentary on racism produced by Mark Birnbaum and Bart Weiss that has been unavailable to the wider public for most of its life. The documentary gets its name from the spiteful missive sent to Bob Ray Sanders, a black talk radio host on an otherwise predominantly white radio station in Dallas, TX. Birnbaum and Weiss interviewed … Continue reading