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  • Image Union, episode 0307

    Image Union, episode 0307

    Image Union episode from September 1980 featuring: “Right to Strike” by Ramazan Ajdini and Jean de Segonzac, a documentary about the 1980 Chicago firemen’s strike; and “Double Think” by Janice Tanaka, an experimental film about Japanese internment during World War II.

  • [Rocking the Boat: Studs Terkel’s 20th Century rough cut]

    [Rocking the Boat: Studs Terkel’s 20th Century rough cut]

    Documentary on activism and the labor movement.

  • [The 90’s raw: Art Emergency]

    [The 90’s raw: Art Emergency]

    Raw footage for a segment produced by Skip Blumberg for The 90s called “Art Emergency.” The footage documents protests over the censorship of an HIV/AIDS-themed art show at Artists Space in New York City entitled “Witnesses: Against Our Vanishing.” The exhibition, curated by photographer Nan Goldin, featured the work of David Wojnarowicz, Cookie Mueller, James Nares, and others.

  • [The 90’s raw: assorted Washington, D.C. footage]

    [The 90’s raw: assorted Washington, D.C. footage]

    Raw footage for the award-winning TV series The 90’s. The tape is in five segments, showing a demonstration, a public square, an interview with a man camping by the Washington Monument, a Peruvian religious procession and shots of statues, all shot in Washington, D.C.

  • Image Union, episode 0021

    Image Union, episode 0021

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring “Street Show Auditions” by Drew Brown, Annette Barbier, Jerry Moyemont, and Jim Fahrenwald, “Rock Against Racism” by Jim Nitti and Jim Pasta, “Voices of the People” by Nancy Cruz, Sandra Ortiz, Mirko Popadic, Sandra Rogers, and Denise Zaccardi, and “Continued to Death” by Scott Jacobs, Tony Medici, and Mirko Popadic.

  • Steel Mill Blues

    Steel Mill Blues

    In front of the U.S. Steel South Works in South Chicago, Studs Terkel talks to Alice Peurala about the troubles steel mill workers are facing and the negative impact of Reagan’s presidency on working people. Terkel likens the current situation at the mill to the situation during the Great Depression. Peurala stresses solidarity for the workers and predicts disaster for the country if workers are further and further disadvantaged by Reagan’s policies.

  • [Kirby / MacArthur Meeting]

    [Kirby / MacArthur Meeting]

    May 11-12, 1990, Chicago. Raw footage of a planning committee for a 24-hour, innovative independent TV channel, composed of various independent videomakers and William T. Kirby of the MacArthur Foundation. People pictured onscreen include: Virgil Grillo, Dee Dee Halleck, Dee Davis, Jon Alpert, John Schwartz, Bill Kirby, Lillian Jimenez, Tom Weinberg, Jim Martin, Steve Pearce, and Woody Wickham.

  • [The 90’s raw: pro-choice demonstration]

    [The 90’s raw: pro-choice demonstration]

    Raw footage for the award-winning TV series The 90’s. This tape features video of a pro-choice demonstration. Women protest outside Hill and Knowlton, an advertising agency that was representing the Catholic bishops in America in their campaign against legalized abortion. They march and give speeches stating their opposition to Hill and Knowlon’s actions and try to pressure the firm to drop the account.

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