Image Union, episode 0910

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring five music videos by Dan Dinello. Music is from Fela Kuti, Knightklub, Magnum Force, Stations, and a composite of various radio broadcasts.

0:37Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:17Copy video clip URL First of five videos by Dan Dinello that incorporate music. This one is for “Army Arrangement” by Fela Kuti, incorporating live performances, shots of him and his group on tour, and politicized images of Africa.

6:37Copy video clip URL Video for the song “Too Much to Dream” by Knightklub. This is more of a traditional music video, featuring vampire imagery.

11:04Copy video clip URL Video for the song “Cool Out” by Magnum Force. Color.

14:55Copy video clip URL Video for the song “Fear and Fascination” by the band Stations. Black and white film with spooky imagery.

19:48Copy video clip URL “Pink Triangles Rising.” This tape is more documentary-style, and features the conflict between a gay and lesbian rights group and the American Nazis/Ku Klux Klan in a public rally in Lincoln Park. Images consist of the gays and lesbians on parade, while the audio is mainly racist/bigoted radio broadcasts by the American Nazi party.

27:51Copy video clip URL Image Union credits.

29:29Copy video clip URL End of tape.



  1. Erick Rosales says:

    ending voice-over by Marty Robinson

  2. Richard Knight, Jr. says:

    The music for the “Too Much to Dream” video is actually performed by my band Knightklub not The Undead. And that’s me as the vampire’s victim in the video.

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