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    Five Day Bicycle Race: Chevy Chase, Rosalynn Carter

    Interviews with Chevy Chase, Rosalynn Carter, and Democratic politicians shot for the program “Five Day Bicycle Race,” about the 1976 Democratic National Convention.

  • [Image Union film transfers: Colorado Vagabond Ranch]

    [Image Union film transfers: Colorado Vagabond Ranch]

    A transfer of film footage of the Vagabond Ranch in Colorado, presumably for airing on Image Union. The ranch-goers travel via caravan across North America, visiting national parks and monuments on the way to and from Vagabond Ranch. They participate in numerous activities around the ranch and the nearby wilderness.

  • “They aimed to kill the young ones because they were the rebels.” —Boris Ross

    “They aimed to kill the young ones because they were the rebels.” —Boris Ross

    On May 30, 1937, Memorial Day, Chicago police opened fire on unarmed workers demonstrating against Republic Steel in one of the bloodiest events in our nation’s labor union history. Earlier in the year the Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC) had worked out a union deal with U.S. Steel, which workers had hoped would push the smaller steel companies to recognize their own unions. Instead, many of the smaller steel companies fought bitterly against union organization. That Memorial Day, the workers […]

  • Image Union, episode 0729

    Image Union, episode 0729

    “Reclaiming America” is a short documentary about the American Agriculture Movement’s 1985 protest in front of the Chicago Board of Trade. The protesters, family farmers, target futures trading and the speculative shorting tactics used in the financial system. 49 protesters were arrested over two days. Footage focuses on speeches from Wayne Cryts, president of the American Agricultural Movement.

  • Image Union, episode 0618

    Image Union, episode 0618

    “Uptown Christian Soldiers” is a short, well-balanced documentary about Jesus People USA in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. JPUSA offers emergency housing, long-term housing for disadvantaged persons, and a daily meal program. JPUSA also operates several small businesses in the neighborhood. Program features interviews from administrators, community members, former members, and the families of members. There is also footage from within the dining halls of the ministry and the dormitories bought by the church.

  • Image Union, episode 0435

    Image Union, episode 0435

    “Cocaine Express” is a short documentary about the experiences of photographer Henry Herr Gill and writer Rick Soll, journalists for the Chicago Sun Times. They describe the details and enormous scale of the underground drug trade between the United States and nations in South America. The footage is mostly black and white photographic stills with Gill and Soll narrating. They trace their steps through different South and Central American towns, and talk about various characters and situations they encountered along the way.

  • [Tom Weinberg video for Silver Circle Award]

    [Tom Weinberg video for Silver Circle Award]

    Short highlight reel of Tom Weinberg’s career for his Silver Circle Award presented by the Chicago / Midwest chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

  • Image Union, episode 0030: Municipal Mirth

    Image Union, episode 0030: Municipal Mirth

    An episode of the independent film and video showcase, Image Union, featuring a look at the first summertime Chicago neighborhood fests in Englewood, South Shore, Lincoln Square, Cabrini-Green, Chinatown, and Beverly.

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