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  • Neighborhood TV Proposal

    Proposal for Neighborhood TV; includes a financial plan, objectives & goals, time frame and 5 appendices having to do mostly with taxes.  The last appendix is Tedwilliam Theodore’s resume. Continue reading

  • Electronic Media

    Electronic Media

    This tape features footage from an class in Electronic Media taught by Tedwilliam Theodore at City College in Chicago, IL. Several people read from a script about a gasoline shortage on the south side of Chicago. This lasts for the duration of the tape. Continue reading

  • Communications for Change

    A small brochure that describes Communications for Change, including its mission, board of directors, projects, and contact information. Continue reading

  • A Proposal to Establish The Chicago Editing Center

    A proposal to establish The Chicago Editing Center, a not-for-profit facility providing editing facilities to independent Chicago videomakers. The 10-page proposal includes why an editing center is needed, who the center will serve, the creators behind the proposal, budget, and letters of support. The Center opened at in 1977 at 11 E. Hubbard St. Continue reading

  • Documenting Social History: Chicago’s Elderly Speak Video Archive Catalogue

    Documenting Social History: Chicago’s Elderly Speak Video Archive is an oral history of non-broadcast television interviews with elderly Chicagoans. Each subject from Chicago’s array of ethnic, geographic, or special interest communities shares his or her personal history with a young interviewer, with the intent of connecting the generations. This document catalogs the individuals represented in the archive so that outside intstitutions can make use of them. A joint project of the Center for Continuing Education at Loop College and Communications for Change. Continue reading

  • Social And Political Intervention: Video Field Experience

    Communications For Change founder Tedwilliam Theodore outlines what he has learned from using video in activist situations, using several real world examples. Continue reading