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  • Image Union, episode 0408: NBC-TV News

    Image Union, episode 0408: NBC-TV News

    Image Union episode featuring “NBC-TV News” by The Visual Production Seminar at Columbia College. Videomakers include Barrie Dellenbach, Al Stoncius, and Dave Harvey. Color video. An inside look at the operations of a newsroom. Continue reading

  • Steel Mill Blues

    Steel Mill Blues

    In front of the U.S. Steel South Works in South Chicago, Studs Terkel talks to Alice Peurala about the troubles steel mill workers are facing and the negative impact of Reagan’s presidency on working people. Terkel likens the current situation at the mill to the situation during the Great Depression. Peurala stresses solidarity for the workers and predicts disaster for the country if workers are further and further disadvantaged by Reagan’s policies. Continue reading

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