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  • Ben Loves Chicago 9703

    Ben Loves Chicago 9703

    0:02 Color bars. Episode information screen.  0:43 Opening for “Ben Loves Chicago.” 1:15 Ben visits a football game of the Chicago Chargers semi-professional football team. He talks to the team manager, the cheerleaders, some of the spectators, and some of the players. 5:20 Cut to black. 6:20 Ben visits the Rainforest Cafe in Shaumburg, IL. Ben talks to customers, the manager, and films all of the decorations in the restaurant. 10:30 He meets with Andre Robinson at LeClaire Court, an … Continue reading

  • Ben Loves Chicago 9702

    Ben Loves Chicago 9702

    0:01 Color bars. Episode information screen.  0:44 “Ben Loves Chicago” introduction.  1:16 Ben visits a steppin’ dance club on the South Side. He talks to the manager, some of the dancers, and learns the dance.  6:00 Cut to black.  7:00 Ben visits a Chicago Fire station, and works out with them in their basement health center. They tell him the history of the building. He talks to the fireman, including a man who immigrated from Romania under difficult circumstances. He … Continue reading