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  • Holly Woodlawn

    Holly Woodlawn

    This video shows a cabaret act by Holly Woodlawn in Los Angeles. The filmmaker, Judith Binder, also spends the time before the show talking to people in the audience, focusing in particular on a group of trans women and drag queens.

  • This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 01: Structural Cinema

    This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 01: Structural Cinema

    An homage to the infamous films like **** (24-hours of the exterior of the Empire State Building) and Sleep (eight hours of a man sleeping.). When this was taped, in June 1989, Andy Warhol had recently died, and the Art Institute of Chicago mounted a lavish commemorative exhibition of his art.

    Not only was “Structural Cinema” created without any intention of following it up with an Episode 2 or 3 (both Joe and Paul assumed they’d move on to other projects), but it was not meant to be watched or enjoyed by anyone.

    In fact, the show begins with the host urging viewers to stop watching, and “go outside, read a poem, do something constructive.” Soon the series would adopt as its slogan, “Don’t watch too much TV. It’s not good for you.”

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