Holly Woodlawn

This video shows a cabaret act by Holly Woodlawn in Los Angeles. The filmmaker, Judith Binder, also spends the time before the show talking to people in the audience, focusing in particular on a group of trans women and drag queens.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on shots of a poster announcing Holly Woodlawn, “A Low Life in High Heels.” This soon moves to a shot of Judith Binder, the filmmaker, entering the building in which Woodlawn will be performing. Binder talks with Woodlawn’s manager about interviewing her before the show. Binder sits for a spell talking to the people around her while she waits for Woodlawn. She then moves to the kitchen, talking to the workers there before finally meeting Woodlawn as she leaves her dressing room and heads towards the stage. They chat for a very short while before Woodlawn has to go. Woodlawn chats with members of the audience as she heads toward the stage. The light is very low so the image is almost completely dark. Binder also talks with some of the other people in attendance, especially a group of trans women and drag queens who are fans of Woodlawn. The lighting is very low, so Binder repeatedly tries to use a bright aquarium to get shots of their jewelry and outfits.

16:40Copy video clip URL Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side” starts, signifying that Woodlawn will soon take the stage.

18:09Copy video clip URL Woodlawn is introduced and takes the stage. She begins performing on the stage soon after, doing a cabaret show with singing and comedy, including a comedic retelling of The Ugly Duckling.

27:35Copy video clip URL Woodlawn announces a commercial break, speaks to the audience, and tells a few amusing anecdotes. She continues with her performance including a notable rap sequence.

42:30Copy video clip URL Woodlawn is joined on stage by one of the bar’s regular performers. They perform “Put the Blame on Mame.”

44:43Copy video clip URL Binder walks to the back of the house, presumably to find Woodlawn, but she just encounters a few men who are working on computers there, who she briefly chats with before going to check the dressing room. She soon returns to the front of the house, where she finds Woodlawn signing books and programs for fans. Woodlawn introduces Binder to a number of her friends and acquaintances.

52:30Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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