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  • [Carol Marin Steps down after Channel 5 hires Jerry Springer as news commentator]

    [Carol Marin Steps down after Channel 5 hires Jerry Springer as news commentator]

    Composite of several stories on the resignation of Carol Marin from WMAQ-TV in protest of being asked to co-anchor with Jerry Springer, including: 5/4/97: Carol Marin Interview on Good Morning America after stepping down; 5/4/97: CNN – Reliable Sources; 5/5/97: The Late Show with Tom Snyder.

  • Annoyance Theatre, tape 2

    Annoyance Theatre, tape 2

    Tom Palazzolo and Jack Helbig film an improv rehearsal at Chicago’s Annoyance Theater that is directed by Mick Napier.

  • Do the Milly!

    Do the Milly!

    Hinton Battle, three-time Tony Award winner, teaches the citizens of Chicago how to dance the Milly.

  • 3rd Street Promenade Music

    3rd Street Promenade Music

    This video shows four outdoors musical performances on the 3rd street promenade in Los Angeles. The first plays a kazoo and banjo, the second a hammered dulcimer, the third a violin, and the final a guitar.

  • Anna, Helan – Bevs – Sax Remy John Fleck

    Anna, Helan – Bevs – Sax Remy John Fleck

    This video has several segments the first being a musical performance in what looks like a coffee shop. The second is a reading of a journal that was kept between the days of January 20 and 24 of 1991 by an Israeli-American living in Israel at the time of Saddam Hussein’s bombing of Israel in the Gulf War. The last two parts are of a bar in LA that is being threatened to be torn down and a friend of Binder, the filmmaker, chatting with her in his home and then performing for her there.

  • Holly Woodlawn

    Holly Woodlawn

    This video shows a cabaret act by Holly Woodlawn in Los Angeles. The filmmaker, Judith Binder, also spends the time before the show talking to people in the audience, focusing in particular on a group of trans women and drag queens.

  • Go Solo

    Go Solo

    This video shows a series of performances out of the Go Solo workshop that are in various stages of development. Most are straight acting pieces with a few bordering on stand-up comedy.

  • [Satori Shakoor]

    [Satori Shakoor]

    This video consists of two parts. The first is an interview with Satori Shakoor, a performer in the Los Angeles area with her own one-woman show. The second is said show, although unfortunately the recording of the show is not complete.

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