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  • Annoyance Theatre, tape 2

    Annoyance Theatre, tape 2

    Tom Palazzolo and Jack Helbig film an improv rehearsal at Chicago’s Annoyance Theater that is directed by Mick Napier. Continue reading

  • Do the Milly!

    Do the Milly!

    Hinton Battle, three-time Tony Award winner, teaches the citizens of Chicago how to dance the Milly. Continue reading

  • 3rd Street Promenade Music

    3rd Street Promenade Music

    This video shows four outdoors musical performances on the 3rd street promenade in Los Angeles. The first plays a kazoo and banjo, the second a hammered dulcimer, the third a violin, and the final a guitar. Continue reading

  • Anna, Helan – Bevs – Sax Remy John Fleck

    Anna, Helan – Bevs – Sax Remy John Fleck

    This video has several segments the first being a musical performance in what looks like a coffee shop. The second is a reading of a journal that was kept between the days of January 20 and 24 of 1991 by an Israeli-American living in Israel at the time of Saddam Hussein’s bombing of Israel in the Gulf War. The last two parts are of a bar in LA that is being threatened to be torn down and a friend of Binder, the filmmaker, chatting with her in his home and then performing for her there. Continue reading

  • Holly Woodlawn

    Holly Woodlawn

    This video shows a cabaret act by Holly Woodlawn in Los Angeles. The filmmaker, Judith Binder, also spends the time before the show talking to people in the audience, focusing in particular on a group of trans women and drag queens. Continue reading

  • Go Solo

    Go Solo

    This video shows a series of performances out of the Go Solo workshop that are in various stages of development. Most are straight acting pieces with a few bordering on stand-up comedy. Continue reading

  • Satori Shakoor

    Satori Shakoor

    This video consists of two parts. The first is an interview with Satori Shakoor, a performer in the Los Angeles area with her own one-woman show. The second is said show, although unfortunately the recording of the show is not complete. Continue reading

  • [MIA Vietnam veterans – Lorrien Finley – Steve Binder]

    [MIA Vietnam veterans – Lorrien Finley – Steve Binder]

    This video shows three different interviews. The first is with a street artist who is painting a mural in honor of the MIA veterans of the Vietnam War in order to attract support to find them. The second is with a woman named Lorrien Finley, who talks about reproductive rights, selective sterilization, and injustice in universal health care systems in the UK in the ’60s. The final interview is with Steve Binder, who directed/produced the Elvis’ 68 Comeback Special, as well as the 1968 Petula Clark special (which had the first televised touch between a white woman, Clark, and a black man, Harry Belafonte) and the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. He mainly talks about his experiences with Elvis. Continue reading