Do the Milly!

Hinton Battle, three-time Tony Award winner, teaches the citizens of Chicago how to dance the Milly.

0:04Copy video clip URL Video begins with title screen, “Do the Milly.” Several time keeping pieces are shown before there is a montage of people doing the Milly.

1:06Copy video clip URL Hinton Battle introduces the video and the dance known as the Milly. He begins teaching the dance with mnemonics.

6:44Copy video clip URL They begin doing the dance at standard speed. Soon after other people join the dance and there are shots of people around Chicago doing different parts of the dance.

11:06Copy video clip URL Title screen for “The Milly” appears again. There is a montage of different people dancing and the sights of Chicago.

15:30Copy video clip URL End Credits.

16:19Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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