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  • Maxwell St.

    Maxwell St.

    A documentary about Chicago’s Maxwell Street Market, created by Tom Palazzolo with students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

  • Lilly’s World of Wax

    Lilly’s World of Wax

  • Pets on Parade

    Pets on Parade

  • I Married a Munchkin

    I Married a Munchkin

    I MARRIED A MUNCHKIN presents the life and times of Mary Ellen St. Aubin, a woman small in stature who lived large. She and her husband, Parnell St. Aubin–one of the original Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz–were in show business for much of their lives, until they retired to run the legendary Midget Club on Chicago’s South Side.

  • 48 Hours Rain & Fog

    48 Hours Rain & Fog

  • Campaign


  • Tom Chicago on Location

    Tom Chicago on Location

    The nom d’art ‘Tommy Chicago’ reflects independent filmmaker Tom Palazzolo’s unique status within the Chicago film community. Since 1967, Palazzolo has filtered all aspects of the Windy City through his audacious lens. This documentary captures the artist at work and play on his latest film: we see him engage street urchins in the service of his vision, teach his son that you CAN buy love, and drive cast and crew to the brink of artistic chaos. Colorful and fast-paced, the tape illuminates the vital interplay between Palazzolo’s brash personal style and his filmic art.

  • The El

    The El

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