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  • [Shell Game at Maxwell Street]

    [Shell Game at Maxwell Street]

    Tom Palazzolo and friend film a man on Maxwell Street hosting an illegal shell game. Continue reading

  • I Married a Munchkin

    I Married a Munchkin

    I MARRIED A MUNCHKIN presents the life and times of Mary Ellen St. Aubin, a woman small in stature who lived large. She and her husband, Parnell St. Aubin–one of the original Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz–were in show business for much of their lives, until they retired to run the legendary Midget Club on Chicago’s South Side. Continue reading

  • I Saw The Signs

    I Saw The Signs

    A documentary featuring hand-painted signs on buildings, trucks, and store signs around Chicago. Continue reading

  • Tom Palazzolo on Ricky and Rocky

    Tom Palazzolo on Ricky and Rocky

    Another fun classic from our friend Tom Palazzolo, Ricky and Rocky, which documents a 1972 Italian-American and Polish-American backyard wedding shower in suburban Chicago.     As always, you can watch about a dozen more of Tom’s quirky and original films at Media Burn.

  • Tom Palazzolo on Jerry’s Deli

    Tom Palazzolo on Jerry’s Deli

    Our friend Tom Palazzolo came by the other day to talk about his wonderful 1976 film, Jerry’s Deli. From the lush Media Burn outdoor recording studio, Tom shared stories about Jerry Meyer, the larger than life proprietor of this Grand Avenue institution. Enjoy! //www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZNZdsYQrOA Four films by Tom are currently on display at the Art Institute of Chicago, in an exhibition called “Chicago-Scope.” Check it out now through January 9. As always, you can watch about a dozen more of … Continue reading

  • Chicago Characters – Jerry’s Deli 1976

    Chicago Characters – Jerry’s Deli 1976

    Excerpt from “Jerry’s Deli” by Tom Palazzolo. A film about a Chicago deli on Grand Ave. famous for the owner’s temperamental antics. To watch the full version of this piece at Media Burn, click here.  

  • Campaign


    An impressionistic view of the 1968 Democratic National Convention featuring appearances by Abbie Hoffman, Alan Ginsburg, Mayor Richard J. Daley, Hubert Humphrey, and others. Continue reading

  • Gay for a Day

    Gay for a Day

    A music and costume filled portrayal of the 1976 Gay Pride Parade by filmmaker Tom Palazzolo. All is fun and games until a bystander hurls an egg at Palazzolo’s camera lens. It resumes quickly though. Continue reading