[4th of July Ceremony in Chicago]

Footage from Tom Palazzolo of a 4th of July festival in Chicago around the late 1980s/early 1990s.

0:08Copy video clip URL Brief flash of two men setting up a chair

0:10Copy video clip URL Long period of just static on a black screen

2:05Copy video clip URL Two men kneeling next to a chair.

2:21Copy video clip URL Man sings “God Bless America” as the camera man, Palazzolo, surveys a crowd of people gathered at a plaza. Filmmaker Bill Stamets is setting up his equipment.

3:06Copy video clip URL Stamets teases Palazzolo about selling out by moving to video, like when Bob Dylan went electric.

3:55Copy video clip URL Song ends, and camera continues to survey the patriotic-looking crowd.

5:58Copy video clip URL Parade of people pass the camera

9:31Copy video clip URL Camera surveys the band while they play another march

10:11Copy video clip URL A man on stilts marches in place in front of a line of children dressed in various patriotic costumes and wearing numbers

11:52Copy video clip URL Camera approaches a group of government officials sitting in chairs at the top of the steps

12:56Copy video clip URL A man calls numbers of costumed girls and boys to the stage

15:56Copy video clip URL A man hands gift bags to the children on stage

17:55Copy video clip URL The crowd stand with hands on their chests as the national anthem is played and soldiers march in front of them

19:23Copy video clip URL Man gives brief speech to the crowd

19:56Copy video clip URL Man announces that the society and its cafe will be open following the ceremony

20:18Copy video clip URL Speaker thanks Monsignor Egan and introduces important attendees: a representative from the Chicago Park District, Congressman Sidney Yates, State’s Attorney Cecil Partee, Philip Hummer, Frank D Mayer, Gardner Stern, and President of Rollins Burdick Hunter

22:03Copy video clip URL Palazzolo covers the camera lens.

24:50Copy video clip URL Speech is barely audible, and the lens is still covered

27:15Copy video clip URL Speech is again audible. Speaker talks about the decisions made following the burning of the American flag

28:05Copy video clip URL Lens is uncovered. The speaker is standing at a podium at the top of a staircase speaking to the crowd

31:00Copy video clip URL Speaker talks about not needing to change the Constitution for every little thing

33:45Copy video clip URL Camera turns to watch band members come back and take their seats as the speaker continues his speech

36:05Copy video clip URL Speech ends

36:47Copy video clip URL The band begins to play Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever”

39:00Copy video clip URL Camera shakes and nods to the music

39:38Copy video clip URL Another man gives a speech to end the ceremony

41:00Copy video clip URL Two soldiers retire the flags

41:43Copy video clip URL Men dressed as revolution-era soldiers march up the stairs and fire off their guns

43:11Copy video clip URL Crowd begins to clear out

44:00Copy video clip URL Cuts to man in a dingy room setting up lights and talking about taking classes in a ballet room

47:00Copy video clip URL Video Ends.



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