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This video consists of two parts. The first is an interview with Satori Shakoor, a performer in the Los Angeles area with her own one-woman show. The second is said show, although unfortunately the recording of the show is not complete.

0:00Copy video clip URL Judith Binder, the filmmaker, goes to the home of Satori Shakoor and they talk about her show, the production thereof, her history, her child, and some of the experiences that she will be relating in her show which is comprised of stand-up, acting, violin, and singing. She says that in her show she talks about sexism, sex issues, phalli-centrism and racism. She calls herself a “passionate student of ontology.” She also talks about quitting her job as a secretary to become a performer.

26:27Copy video clip URL Satori and Binder leave to pick up her lighting director and go to her show. She talks about the idea of relationship dynamics: that there is Power and Expression, and that they correspond to traditionally-defined gender roles. She brings this up quite a lot throughout the video along with an anecdote about seeing an ad listing of a “submissive, gay, white, male English gentleman [who] would love to massage your feet and serve you,” and her conversation with him over the phone that made her think about different ways of approaching Power and Expression.

37:34Copy video clip URL Switch to a shot of the place where Satori will be performing her one-woman show. There are several shots of the preparation for the show. Satori tells the previous anecdote to another person.

49:01Copy video clip URL The performance starts and Satori begins by singing. It seems to be an original song. She talks about her mother and throws in some more singing.

57:24Copy video clip URL Black out and then Satori returns to the stage and seems to be reliving her childhood. She then goes on to play violin. She talks about being sexually assaulted by her private violin teacher.

1:06:11Copy video clip URL Satori transitions again, including a slight outfit change. She talks about her current life. Some other topics she focuses on are her sex life, child abandonment, and societal perceptions. There is a brief black screen/intermission with music by Tracy Chapman playing.

1:16:50Copy video clip URL Satori returns to the stage and starts talking about her experience with her child and childbirth.

1:33:17Copy video clip URL Satori does another quick change with Chapman playing in the background. She then continues talking about her crisis in sexuality and eventually changes into a dress. She tells the anecdote about the man offering “to massage your feet and serve you” again.

2:02:59Copy video clip URL Video ends before the performance does.



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