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  • Ann Volkes

    Women’s Video Festival promos

    Promotional videos for the second Women’s Video Festival, which took place at The Kitchen in New York City from Sept. 28-Oct. 14, 1973.

  • From One Place to Another: Emma Goldman Clinic Stories

    From One Place to Another: Emma Goldman Clinic Stories

    From LeAnn Erickson: “From One Place to Another: Emma Goldman Clinic Stories (c.1996) is an 80 minute film portrait of The Emma Goldman Clinic for Women, located in Iowa City, IA. This clinic formed as a Marxist collective in 1973, right after the Roe v Wade decision. This film speaks to the radical feminist politics happening during the 1970s and into the Reagan 80s.”

  • [CamNet on Independent Eye]

    [CamNet on Independent Eye]

    Judith Binder and Nancy Cain introduce an episode of CamNet on KCET’s Independent Eye.

  • [8/05/02 – 8/06/02 / Natalie/Jon/me]

    [8/05/02 – 8/06/02 / Natalie/Jon/me]

    Celeste Neuhaus’s experimental student documentary, focusing on Al Kohn’s life and the people that knew him.

  • Harriet


    Lanesville TV documentary directed by Nancy Cain. “With very little directed dialogue, we gain intimate entry into a day in the life of Harriet—a long-time resident of Lanesville and mother of five—over the course of one day.” Harriet grows increasingly frustrated over the course of the day then – in a staged sequence – drives off by herself, cheerfully yelling goodbye to Lanesville, laughing and singing as she drives down the open road.

  • Women’s Self-Help

    Women’s Self-Help

    A presentation by Debra Law about women’s “self-help” healthcare: learning to conduct self-examinations and facilitating discussion amongst women about cervical and vaginal health.

  • The Roosevelt Experiment

    The Roosevelt Experiment

    Why and how did an integrated college in a segregated city start in downtown Chicago just as World War II was ending? In 1984 an independent documentary filmmaker, Jeff Spitz, found old pictures and film footage about Roosevelt University including a magazine article that referred to the school as “The Roosevelt Experiment.”

    Tapping the memories of former students who crossed the color line, particularly Blacks and Jews, the film blends archival images and interviews into an exploration of race, racial quotas and democratic ideals. Former students recall being questioned during an anti-communist investigation that targeted their school.

    Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, a former student council president, shares poignant memories of getting into political
    arguments in the cafeteria. He called it an “insane but interesting place.”

    Shortly after the film’s release Spitz returned to City Hall to interview Mayor Washington about fairness, diversity and clashing visions of government. Mayor Washington’s additional commentary appears at the end of the video.

  • The Politics of Intimacy

    The Politics of Intimacy

    In this foundational feminist video, ten women address the camera and seemingly each other in a wide-ranging exploration of such previously taboo subjects as women’s sexuality, power, and fears about intimacy. First-time videomaker, Julie Gustafson, forgoes shame and focuses on the women’s questions about orgasm, masturbation and male “ownership” of sexuality, as well as their joy in exploring their bodies and desire for satisfying sexual lives. The only expert in the tape is Dr. Mary Jane Sherfey, author of “Nature and Evolution of Female Sexuality,” who provides scientific descriptions of women’s orgasms and context for the historical suppression of female sexuality. According to the curators of the 1992 Whitney Museum’s series “From Object to Subject,” “by selecting women who vary in age, color, sexual experience and orientation and by using extreme close ups and a pace resembling real time, Gustafson creates an ideal consciousness raising group (c-r).” Indeed, “Politics of Intimacy” is a valuable document of the synergy between the growing women’s movement and the new video technology and aesthetics of its time. Originally shot in 1/2″ B & W video.

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