Annoyance Theatre, tape 2

Tom Palazzolo and Jack Helbig film an improv rehearsal at Chicago's Annoyance Theater that is directed by Mick Napier.

0:01 Palazzolo and Helbig get the camera ready to record as the improv group gets ready to rehearse

1:22Copy video clip URL Three actors start a scene set in a restaurant.

3:30Copy video clip URL In a new scene, two actors proceed to feed a woman’s ferrets.

5:20Copy video clip URL A man calls freeze and a new scene starts. This one has two actors, one threatening to send a young boy to an all girls school.

7:20Copy video clip URL Three new actors take the stage and deal with a “vagrant” in the workplace.

10:00Copy video clip URL An actor plays a man angry with his wife for not having kids

11:54Copy video clip URL Two more actors play a man and a woman talking about Christianity

13:51Copy video clip URL A kid is coerced into drinking and smoking while a man talks about his past lives

16:30Copy video clip URL A couple gets excited about doing legal pro bono work.

18:45Copy video clip URL A man gives his roommate an exam, as per their roommate agreement.

21:26Copy video clip URL A woman talks to a gnome about almost being convicted.

23:00Copy video clip URL A man demonstrates summoning a demon, which accidentally possesses the other man.

25:49Copy video clip URL The director gives notes on the actors’ scenes.

27:21Copy video clip URL The troupe’s director is interviewed by Palazzolo and Helbig about the character-developing exercise they just finished, and how characters are developed.

33:00Copy video clip URL Talks about where the idea for having a show created from improv.

37:00Copy video clip URL The director talks about his ideas for the upcoming show. He toys with the idea of having an interactive experience where actors and audience members move through 8 different spaces.

41:35Copy video clip URL Palazzolo and Helbig interview an actor who came to study at Second City and Improv Olympics. He talks about his career and getting into improv.

47:20Copy video clip URL Two actors redo an earlier scene while the camera drifts back and forth between them and a dog.

50:50Copy video clip URL Two actors talk about playing with plastic dinosaurs.

51:17Copy video clip URL The gnome and the convict scene is redone, except this time they are both wood sprites.

56:05Copy video clip URL The director describes the scene he wants to see next.

57:47Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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